Video Poker

If you don’t like playing poker with a group of people or just prefer to focus on the fundamentals of the game, then video poker should suit your needs. Video poker represents an inventive combination of traditional poker, slot machines and video games. The fact that you can use your video poker prowess to win real money only adds to the game’s appeal.

That said, the dream of winning money at video poker can quickly turn into a nightmare (and major debt) if a new player comes unprepared. You can win a lot of money playing the right strategy on the right video poker machine, but you can also lose a lot of money by playing poorly on the wrong one. Casino Heaven’s advice can help you to avoid costly video poker mistakes.

Video Poker Basics

To play a hand, you will have the option to bet anywhere from 1 to 5 credits on your video poker or online video pokermachine. Bear in mind that the amount you can win increases with the amount you wager. Many people recommend betting the maximum of five credits, since this is the only way to win each machine’s top prize. To allow yourself to bet max, you should choose a machine with a betting denomination that suits your bankroll.

All video poker games are played with the basic Five Card Draw format. That is, you will be dealt five cards, will have the option of holding or discarding any number of those cards, and then will have your discards replaced to complete your final hand. Other video poker rules—like qualifying hands and payouts—differ between video poker variations. For example, some games—like Deuces Wild 9-5—include wild cards. For the tips section, we’ll concentrate on the Deuces Wild variation.


Video Poker Tips

The Deuces Wild 9-5 machine is a little different from the classic Jacks or Better video poker games in that its paytable is much smaller and tighter. Whereas many video poker games will pay for hands as low as a high pair, Deuces Wild requires a three of a kind to get a return on your bet. In this case, the payouts have been modified to compensate for the addition of four wilds to the deck. These wilds make it much easier to achieve simple combinations like one or two pairs, which is why the game will not reward players for them.

Many players read the paytable and make the mistake of pursuing only the most accessible hand: the three of a kind. The real money is made with straight flushes and—if you can hit it—the royal flush. While you should always be happy to get made hands like straights, flushes, and full houses, your ultimate goal is to hit a big combination. The best part about joining an online poker game is being able to enjoy the same online slots and video poker games you find in a online casino without changing sites.

If you’ve got four cards toward the royal flush then you should discard the fifth card, regardless of what combination it makes, unless you’re already holding the elusive straight flush. While some situations will warrant going for the royal flush with just three cards toward the combination, you should never break a made hand for anything less than four