Slot Machines

The first sight to greet your eyes when entering any live casino tends to be slot machines…rows and rows of slot machines. Many of the larger live casinos offer players a huge selection of slots; often in the hundreds. The online casinos take the slot craze one step farther by offering not only unlimited slots seats but sometimes hundreds of different slot game variations.

If you want to learn how to play a casino classic, then you’ll never go wrong with slots. There’s a reason why casinos dedicate so much space to these machines, and why players so readily crowd around them. Casino Heaven has taken the time to compile some key information about slots, from how to follow their basic rules to how to win their big payouts.

Slot Machine Basics

We won’t spend much time on the basics of live casino slots since it’s a pretty cut and dried process. Once your money is in the machine, you’ll either press a button or pull a lever to get the game started . When the dust settles and the reels stop spinning, the machine will automatically process and point out any wins.

Online slots also require little know-how. What isn’t self-explanatory (like the spin button) can often be solved by viewing the Help menu. Of course to play at all you’ll need to sign up for your own player account. Then you’ll make your first deposit. Once your account has been credited, you’re ready to make your first bet. Online slots offer a number of betting options, from credit value to lines played to credits bet per line. As soon as you make your bet, you’re ready to start playing.

Though live slots incorporate a real machine while online slots use only software, the playing and winning process is much the same. Either way you’ll be watching the reels spin for most of your time at a slot machine, and you’ll be wishing and praying for the right combinations. Should the symbols line up in your favor, you’ll see your winnings come pouring into the credit box.


Slot Machine Tips

The key to doing well at slots is choosing good payouts and odds. If a person ignores either of these two factors then they can pretty much expect to lose. So unless you don’t mind throwing your money away, it’s always in your interest to look for the most generous machine.

Regarding payouts, the paytable is typically found somewhere on each game. The paytable gives a complete listing of all paying combinations. You want a machine that offers a lot of generous payouts versus a game that has just one big prize and several small token wins. Going beyond just the payouts, a player also needs to consider overall payout percentage. As with payouts, you’ll soon find that not all slot machines are created equal. Some slots are far looser than others.

A machine with a payout percentage of 97% or more is a pretty good find and will no doubt attract crowds. The best games are those that not only pay out well, but that pay out frequently in the form of modest wins and fun bonuses. After all, having fun and winning money are what playing the slots is all about.