Casino Games in Casino Heaven

Unlike the mobsters that we profile on other pages of our site, you don't have to make dubious connections to win at online casino games. You just need to find good strategies, and Casino Heaven has plenty of those. Whether you get your kicks playing skill-based games like blackjack and video poker or you prefer to leave your fate to chance with games like roulette or slot machines, Casino Heaven offers valuable advice on all four classic casino games.


If you've read about the successful card counters featured on our player scams page, then you know that there's millions to be made at the blackjack tables. Not a math genius? Not a problem! You don't have to be a card counter to come out ahead at blackjack. A smart strategy is all it takes to even the house's edge.


Are you feeling lucky? Then head over to the roulette wheel; the results offered by this classic casino contraption are determined entirely by chance. Of course you can still improve your roulette sessions by playing the bets recommended on Casino Heaven's roulette strategy page.

Slot Machines

Of all the games in a casino, only slot machines can change your life in an instant. In one single spin, you could win millions! Maybe that's why so many players are drawn to the slots seats, or maybe it's just because these games are fun. Either way, you'll get more for your money by following our simple slots tips.

Video Poker

If blackjack's not your style, but you still want to play a skill-based game, then video poker is always a good option. Most serious players find that they prefer the quiet intensity of a video poker machine to live poker games, plus there are literally dozens of video poker variations to try. Casino Heaven's game guide can help you to find define your own video poker preferences.

Stay tuned for future updates about other top games like baccarat, craps and online keno…